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Probably The Most Comprehensive Practitioner Level Home-Study Hypnosis Training Available ...
"Everything You Need To Become A Highly Effective, In-Demand, Successful Hypnotherapist"
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Complete, Fully Certified, Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Course Online ...
£10,274 worth of training
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All The Skills & Qualifications You Need To Become A Highly Effective, In-Demand, Successful Hypnotherapist ... From The Comfort & Security of Your Own Home ... 
  • Making A Difference: Get enormous job satisfaction, making a real difference to people's lives, every day.
  • Financial Independence: Set your own fee, work the hours you want, when you want, from wherever you want.
  • Skills & Knowledge: Be able to help friends, family, loved ones as well as fee -paying customers
  •  Opportunities: To work as an expert in a wide range of interesting and fascinating areas.
This Can Be Yours 
My name is Andrew Parr, professional hypnotherapist. I work the hours I want, when I want to work them.

I started off with a distance learning course and eventually became one of the UK's most experienced hypnotherapists, based at No. 1 Harley Street in Central London, seeing clients from all over the UK and all over the world .

It has been incredibly rewarding ... and I feel incredibly privileged to have played a part in the transformation of so many peoples lives ... and still do.

But the good news for YOU ... is that I can share with you what I have learned from all those years of working with people ... 

... so that you  can achieve personal satisfaction and financial success ... faster than you would otherwise.

Get ALL This From Just ONE Course ...
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Complete, Fully Certified, Andrew Parr Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course Online 
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Here's What's Included When You Join
This what you expect to get from most standard hypnotherapy trainings.

You will learn how to induce hypnosis, deepen the trance, deliver post-hypnotic suggestions and safely release the subject.

EXTRA: With this training you will also learn my unique method for hand-crafting hypnotic suggestions - making them much more bespoke and powerful!

This what you expect to get from most advanced hypnotherapy trainings.

You will learn how to induce hypnosis, deepen the trance and regress clients back to the cause of their issues, often bringing about instant and powerful releases from symptoms.

EXTRA: With this training you will also learn my unique Deep Transformation Method - help your clients get to root cause of problems more quickly and bring about deeper and more lasting change, often in just a few hours.

In this course you will learn how to be a "complete" therapist, assessing client's needs on an individual basis and helping them with the most effective treatment they need in that moment.

Sometimes this may involve counselling, psychotherapy and behavioural therapy.

EXTRA: With this knowledge, you will be able to offer a complete therapeutic service and your clients will no longer have to choose which type of therapist to see ... 

#4 NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Many people have to choose between Hypnosis and NLP training separately. 

Not so here - we include NLP in your training, both as a stand alone treatment and integrating it within hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 

This will give you an edge over practitioners who have only trained in one or the other.

EXTRA: With this course you will learn NLP that actually works, based on thousands of hours of experience ... as well as have all the useless jargon removed.
This is possibly one of the greatest therapeutic discoveries yet you will not find this being taught anywhere else.

Using my unique Fluid Questioning technique, your clients and subjects will reveal more to you than they have ever told anyone ... often in just a few minutes of conversation.

EXTRA: This is brilliant for building rapport, getting to the root of things quickly and helping your subjects deal with the real issues, rather than the smoke-screens that most therapists get caught up in.
The Course Also Covers These Amazing 
Specialist Modules:
SPECIALIST MODULE #1: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy
How To Help Your Clients Successfully Lose Weight By Mastering Their Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviours.
SPECIALIST MODULE #2: Complete Stop Smoking Therapy
How To Help Your Clients Completely Stop Smoking In Just One Or Two Hours Of Treatment
SPECIALIST MODULE #3: Pain Relief & Physical Ailments
How To Safely Ease Pain & Treat Physical Ailments Such as IBS
SPECIALIST MODULE #4: Working With Children
Unique Hypnosis Method For How To Help Children Overcome Nightmares, Bed-Wetting, Bullying & More
SPECIALIST MODULE #5: Past Life Regression & Metaphysical Hypnosis
How To Carry Out Past Life Regressions, Hypnosis & The Law Of Attraction, Meditations, Mantras, Positive Thinking & More …
Plus Many More ...
How To Help Your Clients Overcome Sleep Issues, & Disordered Eating Such As Binge Eating & Comfort Eating
Taught By UK Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr

With 25+ Years Experience, This Course Is Suitable For Both Beginners AND as CPD For Those Wishing To Expand Their Knowledge ...
Here's What's Also Included When You Join
  • Practitioner Level Diploma In Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
  • 120 Hours Of Equivalent Classroom Learning Time Including Videos, MP3's & Practical exercises
  • Private Community Where You Get Answers To ALL Your Questions
  • ​Downloadable Printable Training Notes So You Can Study & Revise In Your Own Time
  • ​Regular Live Interactive Webinars So You Can Ask & Learn As You Progress
  • Bonus Specialist Training Modules Added To Enhance Your Knowledge & Boost Your Success
  • ​Full Student Support So You Feel Looked After & Taken Care Of
  • Complete Certified Training So You Get A Recognised Qualification In Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
  • ​15 Online Training Modules Containing Videos, Lectures, MP3’s & Printable Manual So You Can Learn In Different Ways
  • ​Lifetime Access To Private Members Area So You Can Study In Your Own Pace & Time
  • Your Own Student Support Officer & Personalised Feedback On Coursework Submitted So You Can Get Individual Support
  • ​FREE Access To Members-Only Live CPD Webinars So You Can Increase Your Skills & Confidence
  • ​ Access To Your Own Private Facebook Group So You Can Get Support From Fellow Students

  • ... And Much, Much More
You will learn many different types of Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis from many different schools of thought, along with the in-depth background knowledge required to apply each of them.
What Areas Will You Be Able To Help People With?
Just some of the topics you will learn on the course and be able to help your clients with:
  • Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Confidence and Self-Esteem
  •  Safely Easing Pain; IBS & Anxiety Related Physical Ailments
  •  Life-Style Changes including Stress Reduction, Depression & Post-Natal
  • Eating Disorders such as Comfort Eating, Binge Eating, well as general Weight Loss
  •  Overcoming Childhood problems and trauma
  • Boosting Performance such as Public Speaking, Presentations and Sports
  •  Breaking Habits, such as Stopping Smoking, Biting Nails and Hair Pulling
  •  Plus much more …
What Do You Get? How Is The Course Structured?
You'll Also Get The Amazing Bonuses...
  •  Private Members Only Facebook Group - so that you get full support from fellow students, graduates plus me and my training staff.
  •  “Members Map” - So you can always find someone to practice with, either in person or via Skype.
  •  Successful Private Practice Audio Programme - to help your business get from where you are to where you want to be.
  •  Transform Your Life - Online personal development course, to help boost your confidence and self esteem in this and all areas of life.
  •  Back Catalog Of Specialist Topic Webinars - so you can fine tune your knowledge in a wide range of specialist areas.
  •  Complete Live Client Session Recordings - so you can see the methods being used in practice on real people and dramatically accelerate your learning and skills.
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What other members had to say
"The online forum for current and former students, is so helpful if you need instant replies to questions that may arise when, practising as a student or indeed ongoing support when qualified.

 "I have learned so much far beyond the scope of hypnotherapy. Andrew gives insights to lots of additional therapies that work alongside hypnotherapy and if like me you are keen to learn, you are able to keep adding to your skill set.

 "My library extends beyond hypnotherapy and all that it has to offer. Now qualified, I feel confident and at ease going into practice knowing I have learned so much on this course and that ongoing support is there if needed."
Ruth Loughton - Ruth Loughton Hypnotherapy
Andrew Parr Has Helped Hundreds Of Students
Frequently Asked Questions
How Will You Get The Practical Experience?
Getting the practical experience is much easier than people think. To begin with we teach you how to do the basic practice with friends and family or volunteers – you’ll be amazed at how many people say, “Hypnosis? Really? Yes please!!”

Then as you progress you can arrange practice sessions online with other students via our SkypeBuddy system. Or arrange a local meet-up – just look for someone near you on our student map and arrange a get-together – these really help ease the nerves.

Then, as you progress further, we will show you how to easily get 20 – 30 volunteers overnight for you to practice with.
What Qualification Will You Receive?
On successful completion of the course you will receive a Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis (Practitioner Level). You will be able to obtain Private Student Insurance whilst training and Full Practitioner Insurance Once Qualified.
How Is The Training Assessed?
First you should know that the coursework is optional, and you are free to access the material purely for your own interest.

But if you would like to obtain the diploma, each module of the training has a piece of coursework that you submit to our external assessor, who will guide, support and encourage you through the entire process. Plus there are some case histories to write up and a few other pieces of evidence we ask for to ensure you are fully competent before we issue your certificate
What Organisation Can You Join On Completion?
On successful completion of this course you will be eligible to join independent organisations such as the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors Coaches Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists) or the Professional Hypnotherapy Network (PHN).

You will also be eligible to join the Andrew Parr Association Of Licensed Practitioners.
How Long Does It Take?
The length of time it takes depends on how much you want to put into it. You have lifetime access so you can take as long as you want, to suit your lifestyle. An average might be something like 6 months if you can dedicate a few hours each week. But it is up to you.
What Is The Certification?
This course is certified by the Andrew Parr Association (APA), The Association Of Counsellors. Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) & The Professional Hypnotherapy Network (PHN).

There are no statutory accreditations in Hypnotherapy, only voluntary ones, but this course covers ALL the voluntary National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy.
£10,274 worth of training ...
Get Started Today For Only
Pay upfront
One time payment of
Pay monthly
12 monthly payments of
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14 Day Money Back Guarantee...
All The Skills & Knowledge You Need To Create A Rewarding Career ... or Your Money Back
I want to make this a completely SAFE decision for you, without any risk whatsoever …

If at any time during the 14 days after purchase you are not completely satisfied with the content of the training, I will refund your money in full, no questions asked. You get a 14-day, 100% money back guarantee so you can checkout the course completely risk free.
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